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Providing Professional Sewer Installation For Your Bryan, OH Home Since 1985

Sometimes, repairing your sewer line just isn’t an option – you have to have the entire thing replaced. While it’s a daunting prospect, the experts at Ascend Mechanical are here to make the process as painless and straightforward as possible.

There are numerous skills involved in installing a new line, from digging the trench to connecting to your city sewer or septic tank, and you’ll find our technicians are comprehensively trained in every one of them. When you need a new line installed, Ascend Mechanical is the only call you need to make.


Why Do I Need A Sewer Line Installation?

There are multiple reasons why you might need to have your sewer line replaced. Here are a few:

  • Tree Roots – When tree roots grow into your sewer line, they can cause severe damage to your pipes to an extent that repair may not be possible. If the roots are extensive enough, you may need to have your line re-routed.
  • Burst Line – Tree roots aren’t the only thing that can cause a broken pipe. Clogs, shifting soil, more pressure – there are numerous potential issues.
  • Age – As with anything in your home, the older it gets, the less capable it might be of doing its job. If your lines have been around for a while, it’s worth it to have them replaced.

Under Your Slab? It’s Under Control

If you have water lines that go beneath your home’s slab, they present their own special set of difficulties. But with Ascend Mechanical, you don’t have to worry. We have the equipment and the training to take care of your sewer replacement needs, wherever they may be. A lot of plumbing contractors might balk at the idea of working under your slab. We rise to the challenge.

Choose Bryan, OH’s Sewer Installation Experts

If your sewer line needs replacement, make the call that brings expert service and peace of mind to your home.  Reach out to Ascend Mechanical. Message us online or give us a call at 419-633-4567 today!

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